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Functions of the clothes dryer

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In cold winter and plum rain season in the south, clothes are not easy to dry after washing. The intelligent clothes dryer solves this problem well. It uses ultraviolet ray and drying technology to dry clothes. So even in the rainy and cold days, we also have warm and dry clothes with the smell of the sun.
The intelligent electric clothes dryer is a kind of intelligent household appliance that generates driving force through a motor. The appliance is mainly composed of a body, a power system, a control system, a lifting system, a drying system, etc; Its basic function is to provide all kinds of home users with intelligent and automatic solutions for drying clothes and quilts.
In the past two years, the increasingly serious haze has lasted for a long time. It is obvious that the skin is tight and itchy, and the weather is not good after clearing up. Many people ask doctors to know that the clothes dried in the haze will be attached with harmful particles in the air, which will cause continuous damage to the skin. So, in the wave after wave of haze weather, how should clothes be aired?
The intelligent clothes dryer is equipped with integrated lighting, ultraviolet disinfection, negative oxygen ion generator, timed air drying, intelligent drying, home decoration and other value-added functions; It is applicable to villas, resorts, apartment buildings and all kinds of middle and high-end residential communities; It is generally installed on the balcony or the roof near the window.


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