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Yongze Intelligent is committed to promoting the development of intelligence and electrification, bringing intelligent technology to everyone, every family and every organization, and building a technological world of intelligence and interconnection of all things.
Member of the company's core R&D team, with more than 20 years of experience in intelligent product R&D and design. Proficient in RF remote control, DC brushless/brushless motor drive, stepping/servo motor control, electronic limit algorithm, multi motor precise synchronization control and other technical fields. Specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of intelligent doors and windows, linear drive, intelligent sunshade, intelligent buildings, intelligent ventilation, fire smoke and heat exhaust, electric projection systems, electric clothes dryers, electric hangers, electric sofas, electric lifting tables and other products.
Rely on customers, partners and high-quality supply chain system externally, adhere to customer-centric, and create value for customers through innovative products to achieve multi win.
Internally, employees who rely on hard work, take the striver as the foundation, take quality as the cornerstone, constantly strengthen themselves, and make themselves known to the world with high-quality products and services.



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