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35 Tubular motor

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Version: YZM35-10/17AER/WF AI intelligent motor
This product is widely used in electric roller shutter, metal roller shutter window, windproof roller shutter, projection screen and other systems. A variety of control methods and interfaces can quickly match the smart home system. Both home decoration systems and engineering projects are very practical. It is characterized by low noise, full functions, superior performance and stability, and convenient installation and debugging.
1. RF built-in remote control function, frequency optional 433.92MHz or 868.35MHz, FSK modulation mode, built-in standard antenna, linear distance greater than 200m
2. Built in WIFI intelligent module, power on automatic searching equipment distribution network, simple and practical
3. Electronic limit function, unique electronic limit technology, anti grid fluctuation and crosstalk design, accurate travel without displacement
4. Hall sensor is used to detect the rotation angle of the coil, with high limit precision, safety and reliability
5. One button automatic stroke setting, fast installation and debugging, time-saving and labor-saving
6. External RS-485 interface, support MODBUS or user-defined protocol, baud rate and motor function can be modified through 485
7. External dry contact interface, shared by 3/4 wire mode, strong optocoupler isolation and anti-interference capability
8. Five dry contact control modes can be selected, which can be set through remote control or RS485
9. The motor head supports TYPE-C interface, which can be connected to external intelligent modules or smart home system data
10. It supports two working modes of inching/interlocking, which can facilitate mode switching
11. Inching angle adjustable function, 10 levels in total, 4 levels by default, and 1 level has the minimum angle
12. Support the reversing function, which can facilitate the direction switching
13. Middle limit function, one key automatically runs to the middle limit point, simple and practical
14. Support the percentage control function, and the remote controller, APP and RS485 can achieve the percentage accurate control
15. Adjustable resistance sensitivity, 10 levels in total, 4 levels by default, and 1 level has the lowest sensitivity
16. Rebound or stop when blocked, which can be set by remote control or RS485
17. There are 10 levels of rebound when encountering obstacles. There are 10 levels in total. The default level is 4, and the level 1 is the minimum
18. The output terminal adopts an anti impact relay with strong surge withstand capability and long service life
19. Factory debugging anti seizing code function can effectively prevent the remote controller being operated at the same time from learning the wrong code
20. Imported first-line brand master chips are used, with stable and reliable performance and good batch consistency
21. AC-DC isolated power supply, with strong power adaptability, isolation and anti-interference, and stable and reliable circuit operation
22. Strong surge impact resistance, industrial standard design requirements


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