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Advantages of clothes dryer

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With the development of science and technology, the clothes dryer has also been endowed with scientific and technological elements. The remote control equipped with the intelligent clothes dryer adopts wireless digital control to ensure the sensitivity under long distance and large angle use, and really do what you want. The high brightness LCD display on the remote controller displays the working status of the clothes hanger in real time, so that users can see it clearly at a glance. The remote controller can control all functions of the clothes dryer, including lifting, sterilization, intelligent fast drying, lighting, timing, etc.
Full effect three-dimensional drying fast drying
Original air duct design, multi caliber air outlet, comprehensive optimization of wind guidance, wind efficiency increased by 60%; Keep warm air at constant temperature, dry clothes effectively while drying, and refuse to rely on the sky to dry clothes.
Light wave intelligent sterilization protects health
Double ended straight tube sterilizing lamp is used to disinfect clothes in an all-round way, completely remove bacteria, mold, etc. attached to clothes, and care for health.
LED art lighting comfortable natural light quality
LED lighting is used to create a comfortable light environment with soft and bright light effect and even light without flicker.
Intelligent control system is more energy-saving
German EUSUN Zhihui control system integrates intelligent control cutting-edge technology and digital induction technology to automatically lift and intelligently control clothes drying.
The air drying or drying function is automatically turned off 2 hours after it is turned on, saving energy and saving worry;
The light wave sterilization function automatically turns off 20 minutes after it is turned on, which protects the clothes from fading and deformation at the same time.
Remote control/one touch control is easy and convenient
Radio frequency remote control, no heavy code, super anti-interference, control distance up to 30 meters; Fast and easy code matching, easy to control anytime, anywhere.
Humanized body button setting, one button intelligent rising/stopping operation can be directly completed after drying clothes, which is very considerate.
Rational Aesthetics Introverted
The appearance design is based on simple and neat lines and calm colors, continuing the highly rational aesthetic characteristics of German design, releasing the visual impression of "pure, exquisite and restrained", showing calm and extraordinary style!
Exclusive music playing
It adopts wireless "Bluetooth" technology, and can be compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile and other mobile device operating systems; High quality audio configuration adds wonderful interest to your life.
Be safe in case of resistance/insulation protection
Stop running when encountering obstacles in the process of descending to avoid misuse and injury when children play around, and effectively protect your and your family; It is equipped with double insulation protection to ensure the safety of electricity use and make you feel at ease.
Elastic crimping wire/super heavy bearing, stable and durable
The elastic pressure concentrated winding technology makes the steel wire ropes arranged tightly, and gets rid of the problems of overlapping, jamming and wearing of the steel wire ropes of the traditional clothes dryer. It is durable; 38KG super heavy bearing, stable and solid, can be used to dry clothes for the whole family, large sheets and quilts at one time, which is easy to take into account
Excellent material selection/exquisite workmanship
High quality titanium magnesium alloy aluminum host and air bar, wire rope and rivet are made of national standard 304 stainless steel, which is firm, durable, light, exquisite; The surface treatment process with outstanding texture ensures that the body is as new as ever and creates exquisite quality.


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