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25 Tubular motor

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Version: AM25 lithium battery intelligent tubular motor
Application scenario: mainly used for small roller curtains, zebra curtains, Shangri La curtains, and also widely used for rechargeable lithium battery curtains such as cars and yachts. The built-in lithium battery does not need additional cables to save construction costs. It can also be used in places where power supply is inconvenient to solve the problem of no reserved power supply.
The motor can be used together with lithium battery for charging. There are two types of internal and external lithium battery motors available
The built-in lithium battery is 7.4V, which is normally used twice a day and can be used for half a year after charging
Silent operation, noise value can be as low as 30db
Automatic correction function for displacement generated by braking
Remote control and automatic stroke setting, suitable for places with inconvenient installation and debugging
It has the function of stopping in case of blockage to protect the safety of the system and users
Low power consumption patent design scheme, which can be externally equipped with battery rods or solar panel power supply panels
The built-in control part of the motor is sealed and wrapped with sealing box components, with higher safety performance
Application mode
The built-in lithium battery is used for power supply, which is suitable for use in places where it is inconvenient to connect electricity. No external receiver is required. The installation environment is simple, supports wireless remote control and intelligent control, and the control mode is simple and flexible.
The built-in lithium battery power supply mode is adopted, which can be controlled through mobile phone APP, Bluetooth audio, wireless remote control, and the curtain switch can be controlled at will.


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