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Non-technical thinking of smart home race track

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As smart home itself is a technology driven industry, most of the practitioners are technicians from all types of industries, and many of them are also working with technical thinking. In this circle, there are not few traditional enterprises that transform electrical appliances into smart ones, but also new forces that cater to new consumption habits by relying on product concepts and technological innovation. The strategies of giants in all fields are to fight high to lead the industry trend, While the market is busy, the drawbacks are also rampant.
During my recent visit to offline exhibitions and stores, I found that several undesirable phenomena in the smart home industry are pulling this sunrise industry into a deep ditch.
What's more, raising the premium on the opaque part of the price has become the way for the revenue of non-performing enterprises. During the communication with a manufacturer, the author learned that a small scenario plan with a cost of about 4000-5000 yuan could almost quadruple the landing price of about 15000-2000 yuan, which is still in the early stage of market landing. Such behavior is undoubtedly a blow to the confidence of the market and consumers, a bit of killing the goose that lays the golden egg.
This phenomenon mainly occurs in the integration manufacturers specializing in electricians, electrical appliances, switches, buses, etc. The advantages of these enterprises are concentrated in relying on smart home host gateway, relay, dimmer, wired or wireless switch panel to achieve system integration to achieve intelligent control scenarios, connecting the handset or tablet to the host gateway protocol, and then controlling various terminal devices through the host, in addition to wiring methods, Wireless communication can be freely selected according to configuration requirements, such as knx, x10, RF, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi Fi, etc.
Although this kind of system integration scheme has good stability, it is also the most opaque part in the industry. The uneven prices of various hosts often confuse consumers. A variety of switch panels are also dazzling. The panels are marked with various scene modes, such as entertainment, reception, lighting effects, background music, going home, sleeping, going out, and so on.
According to the author's observation, based on this kind of scheme, home devices can be linked but lack real intelligence. Many scenarios are just fixed control signals. This kind of technology has been applied abroad since the 1980s. Of course, these manufacturers are also following the new protocols and AI technology trends, such as voice interaction technology, to localize keywords and instructions and do some simple interactive control to create an intelligent gimmick. But in essence, they still lack the mining of users' deep needs, let alone accurate personalized interactive feedback and continuous improvement of algorithms. It is really difficult to talk about "intelligence", Such players should think more about what practical value intelligent control can bring to users, rather than indulging in creating the so-called "intelligence".


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