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Smart home control system

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Intelligent products are slowly entering our lives. Many families have purchased some intelligent products, such as intelligent sweepers, intelligent dishwashers, intelligent door locks, etc. Some people may ask, buying smart products is also to achieve intelligent life, and you don't need a whole set of smart home control system at all? However, it should be emphasized that there is an essential difference between smart products and smart home systems.
The smart home system is a comprehensive and integrated whole house linkage intelligent control system. It sends instructions to the controller through the signal sent by the host, and then controls the home equipment to form a network, which can be remotely controlled, automatically controlled, and timed to achieve various intelligent functions. The biggest difference between smart home system and smart products is that smart home does not need your home appliances to be smart. They can be ordinary devices without special requirements.
The small categories of smart home system include: host gateway, intelligent lighting, security alarm, home appliance control, curtains and windows, intelligent door lock, home theater, background music, scene control, environmental control, health and safety, video monitoring, repeater, protocol converter, visual intercom, intelligent module, etc. The main advantage of smart home system is the unity of equipment management of the whole house. In short, users can operate multiple different devices at the same time by downloading one APP, thus improving their life efficiency.
In terms of functions, smart home systems are more diversified. The smart host can realize the linkage of the whole house, and ordinary lights and electrical appliances can be controlled through the mobile phone to achieve intelligence.
Although smart components can be controlled by mobile phones, the software used to control smart components produced by different manufacturers is also different. At present, there are compatibility problems, so you need to install different software on your mobile phones, which may look messy; The smart home system can control all appliances with one software, because it is a system, and all devices are connected together, making it easier to operate.


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