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35 Short motor

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Version: YZM35-10/17AH short motor
This product is widely used in projection screen or lifting system, electronic limit, installation and debugging are very convenient, reducing factory assembly costs. It has the characteristics of low noise, good function, ultra-high performance and stability, and very convenient installation and debugging.
1. The motor has a built-in starting capacitor, which can work when connected to the power supply
2. The built-in Hall detection function directly detects the number of coils. The Hall device and magnetic ring are far away from the motor stator and rotor, which can effectively avoid demagnetization and demagnetization of the magnetic ring caused by the high temperature of the motor stator coil, and improve the stability of the system, which is safe and reliable.
3. The internal gear accelerates to improve the limit detection accuracy
4. The controller and motor separation scheme reduces the interference of the motor to the control system, improves the stability, and is more conducive to system maintenance and repair.
5. Anti interference processing of Hall detection part can effectively filter out the signal interference on the Hall line. Even if the Hall line is very long or close to the strong line, the signal sent to the main control MCU is still clean, undamaged, stable and reliable.
6. The ultra short motor can be customized, which is suitable for projection hanger, lifting system and other occasions where the motor length is required
7. The motor runs with low noise and strong torque


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