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45 Tubular motor

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Version: YZM45 built-in motor
Scope of application:
This product is a built-in remote control mechanical limit tubular motor, which is widely used in indoor and outdoor sunshades, windproof rolling shutters, projection screens and other places. It supports the inching/linkage working mode, the inching angle is adjustable, and the operation is simple and practical.
With FSK modulation mode and 868HZ frequency, the remote control distance is far and the sensitivity is high. It is especially suitable for windproof roller shutter or outdoor sunshade products. The remote control effect is good when the antenna is enclosed in the housing.
1. Wide voltage range power supply, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, universal worldwide, can be used with different voltages
2. Built in RF wireless receiving function, FSK modulation mode, frequency 868.35MHz, linear open distance greater than 200m
3. External dry contact interface can be connected to local control switch or connected to dry contact central control
4. Motor inching prompt function, supporting operation prompts such as code learning and code deletion
5. Support remote control commutation function, which can easily switch the running direction of the motor
6. Default linked working mode, which can be switched to inching state remotely
7. The output terminal adopts an anti impact relay with strong surge withstand capability and long service life
8. It adopts international first-line brand chips, with stable and reliable performance and good batch consistency


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